March 2023 Board of 原味视频Meeting

March 8-10

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Agenda: March 2023 (PDF)


Board of 原味视频Retreat
West Central Research and Outreach Center
Morris, MN

5:00 p.m. Reception with Community Leaders 鈥 Common Cup Coffeehouse


Board of 原味视频Morris Campus Visit

5:30 p.m. Reception with UMM Campus Community 鈥 Humanities Fine Arts Gallery

FRIDAY, MARCH 10, 2023

8:30 a.m.聽
UMM Campus 鈥 Humanities Fine Arts Building
Morris, MN
Regent Powell, Chair/Regent Mayeron, Vice Chair

1.聽聽 聽Approval of Minutes 鈥 Action 鈥 K. Powell
2.聽聽 聽Report of the President 鈥 J. Gabel
3.聽聽 聽Report of the Chair 鈥 K. Powell
4.聽聽 聽Receive & File Reports
聽 聽 聽 聽A.聽聽 聽Central Reserves General Contingency Allocations
5.聽聽 聽Consent Report 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 K. Powell 聽
聽 聽 聽 聽A.聽聽 聽Gifts
聽 聽 聽 聽B.聽聽 聽Finance & Operations Committee Consent Report
聽 聽 聽 聽C.聽聽 聽Report of the 原味视频Award Nominating Committee
6.聽聽 聽Real Estate Transactions: FAARM Program 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 L. Krueger
聽 聽 聽 聽A.聽聽 聽Purchase of 118 Acres in Mower County
聽 聽 聽 聽B.聽聽 聽Purchase of 395 Acres in Mower County
聽 聽 聽 聽C.聽聽 聽Purchase of 36 Acres in Mower County
聽 聽 聽 聽D.聽聽 聽Purchase of 80 Acres in Mower County
聽 聽 聽 聽E.聽聽 聽Purchase of 119 Acres in Mower County
7.聽聽 聽Amendments to the FY 2024-25 Biennial Budget Request 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 J. Gabel/M. Frans/J. Tolar
8.聽聽 聽Report of the Student Representatives to the Board of 原味视频鈥 R. Tuft/S. Davis
9.聽聽 聽Advancing a Vision for Diversity, Inclusion, Justice, and Equity 鈥 M. Ram铆rez Fern谩ndez/T. Marisam/K. Varma
10.聽聽 聽Update from the DEI Working Group 鈥 J. Mayeron
11.聽聽 聽Making an Impact: UMN Morris 鈥 J. Schrunk Ericksen
12.聽聽 聽Reports of Committees
13.聽聽 聽Old Business
14.聽聽 聽New Business
15.聽聽 聽Adjournment

Committee Consent Reports:聽

Finance & Operations: Purchase of Goods and Services $1,000,000 and Over; Amendments to Civil Service Rules; Schematic Designs.聽

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Materials and videos