May 2017 Board of 原味视频Meeting

May 11-12

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Agenda: May 2017 (PDF)

Thursday, May 11, 2017

8:30 鈥 10:00 a.m. Sixth Floor, West Committee Room
Board of 原味视频Work Session
Regent Johnson, Chair/Regent McMillan, Vice Chair
  1. Diversity in Undergraduate Enrollment at the Twin Cities Campus: Aligning the University鈥檚 Outcomes with its Aspirations 鈥 K. Hanson/K. Albert/M. Khalifa/J. Sweitzer
10:15 a.m. 鈥 12:15 p.m. Sixth Floor, West Committee Room
Facilities, Planning & Operations Committee
Regent McMillan, Chair
  1. Risk Management in the Acquisition of Real Estate 鈥 M. Berthelsen/M. Volna
  2. The Internet of Things in University Operations 鈥 B. Gulachek/K. Badur/J. Davis
  3. University Housing Cost Projections (Twin Cities Campus) 鈥 M. Berthelsen/B. Swanson
  4. Schematic Design 鈥 Action 鈥 B. Gritters/B. Jackson
    A. Health Sciences Education Center (Twin Cities Campus)
  5. Schematic Design 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 B. Gritters/L. McLaughlin/S. Mukasa
    A. Pioneer Hall Renovation and Consolidated Superblock Dining (Twin Cities Campus)
    B. Science and Engineering Robotics Laboratories Renovation (Twin Cities Campus) 
  6. Consent Report 鈥 M. Berthelsen
  7. Information Items 鈥 M. Berthelsen
10:15 a.m. 鈥 12:15 p.m. Sixth Floor, East Committee Room
Faculty & Staff Affairs Committee
Regent Simmons, Chair
  1. Board of 原味视频Policy: Reservation and Delegation of Authority (Appointment Authority) 鈥 Action 鈥 K. Brown 
  2. Mutual Obligations of Tenure 鈥 K. Hanson/C.D. Frisbie 
  3. Promotion and Tenure: Context; Policy and Process; Rationale and Role of Tenure in Higher Ed; and Post Tenure Review 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 K. Hanson/R. Ropers-Huilman
  4. Annual Continuous Appointments 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 K. Hanson/R. Ropers-Huilman
  5. Consent Report 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 K. Brown
  6. Information Items 鈥 K. Brown
12:15 鈥 1:15 p.m. Board of 原味视频Lunch
1:15 鈥 2:45 p.m. Sixth Floor, West Committee Room
Audit & Compliance Committee
Regent Lucas, Acting Chair
  1. Information Technology Audit Outcomes and Cost of Compliance 鈥 B. Gulachek/B. Dahlin
  2. Review of External Auditor Relationships & Services Provided 鈥 S. Paulson 
  3. External Audit Plan 鈥 M. Volna/K. Knudtson/J. Dockendorf 
  4. Compliance Risk Assessment Initiatives 鈥 B. Kumher 
  5. Update on Remediation of Intercollegiate Athletics Audit Findings 鈥 M. Coyle/M. Volna 
  6. Information Items 鈥 G. Klatt
1:15 鈥 2:45 p.m. Sixth Floor, East Committee Room
Governance & Policy Committee
Regent Cohen, Chair/Regent Johnson Vice Chair
  1. Board of 原味视频Policy: Reservation and Delegation of Authority (Board Authority) 鈥 Action 鈥 B. Steeves/J. Langworthy
  2. Board of 原味视频Policy: Board Policy Development 鈥 Action 鈥 B. Steeves/J. Langworthy
  3. Board Operations: Board Meeting Format and Committees 鈥 B. Steeves
  4. Discussion of Board of 原味视频Policy: Responsibilities of the Board and Individual Regents 鈥 B. Steeves
3:00 鈥 5:00 p.m. Sixth Floor, East Committee Room
Academic & Student Affairs Committee
Regent Cohen, Chair/Regent Rosha, Vice Chair
  1. Graduate Education Update 鈥 S. Lanyon
  2. Principles that Guide Enrollment Strategies in the University's Professional Schools 鈥 M. Amin/L. Bloomberg/G. Jenkins/N. Lopez/C. Mueller
  3. Consent Report 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 K. Hanson
3:00 鈥 5:00 p.m. Sixth Floor, West Committee Room 
Finance Committee
Regent Beeson, Chair/Regent Omari, Vice Chair
  1. Twin Cities Athletics: Financial Model 鈥 B. Burnett/M. Coyle
  2. Role of Central Reserves Fund 鈥 M. Volna/J. Tonneson
  3. Consent Report 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 B. Burnett
  4. Information Items 鈥 B. Burnett
6:00 p.m.  Dinner with UMF & UMAA Board & Staff Leadership 鈥 Eastcliff

Friday, May 12, 2017

8:00 鈥 8:45 a.m. Reception to Honor Award Recipients 鈥 Sixth Floor Lobby
8:45 a.m. 鈥 12:00 p.m. Sixth Floor, Boardroom
Board of 原味视频Meeting
Regent Johnson, Chair/Regent McMillan, Vice Chair
  1. Recognitions 鈥 E. Kaler/K. Hanson
    A. Distinguished McKnight University Professor Awards
    B. McKnight Land-Grant Professors
    C. National Academy Members and Other Major Faculty Awards
    D. Academy of Distinguished Teachers 
    i. Horace T. Morse-University of Minnesota Alumni Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education 
    ii. Award for Outstanding Contributions to Graduate & Professional Education
    E. John Tate Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising
    F. Outstanding Community Service Award
    G. President鈥檚 Community-Engaged Scholar Award
    H. National Scholarship Recipients
    I. President鈥檚 Award for Outstanding Service 
    J. NCAA Champions 
  2. Approval of Minutes 鈥 Action 鈥 D. Johnson
  3. Report of the President 鈥 E. Kaler
  4. Report of the Chair 鈥 D. Johnson
  5. Consent Report 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 D. Johnson 
    A. Gifts
    B. Report of the All-University Honors Committee
    C. Report of the Naming Committee
  6. System-Wide Strategic Plan 鈥 Review 鈥 E. Kaler/S. Lehmkuhle/R. Ropers-Huilman
  7. Update on 2018-19 Biennial Budget Request 鈥 B. Burnett/M. Kramer 
  8. President鈥檚 Recommended FY 2018 Annual Capital Improvement Budget 鈥 Review 鈥 E. Kaler/B. Burnett/M. Berthelsen
  9. Next Steps in Strategic Evolution of Affiliated Clinical Practice 鈥 P. Simmons/E. Kaler 
  10. Report of the Committees 
  11. Old Business
  12. New Business
  13. Adjournment

Committee Consent Reports: 

Academic & Student Affairs: Academic Program Changes. 
Faculty & Staff Affairs: Appointment to Minnesota Landscape Arboretum Foundation Board of Trustees; Chancellor, University of Minnesota Crookston; Dean, Hubert H. Humphrey School of Public Affairs; Dean, College of Design; Amendment to Head Men's Basketball Coach, Twin Cities. 
Facilities, Planning & Operations: Affirmation of Final Scope for Intercollegiate Athletes Village (Twin Cities Campus).
Finance: Central Reserves General Contingency Allocations; Purchase of Goods and Services $1,000,000 and Over.

Committee Information Items: 

Audit & Compliance: Engagements Less Than $100,000 Requiring After-the-Fact Reporting.  
Faculty & Staff Affairs: Update on Noteworthy Items, Administrative Actions, and Policy Issues. 
Facilities, Planning & Operations: Final Project Review 鈥 Intercollegiate Athletics Track and Field Facility and Relocated Recreation Wellness Facilities (Twin Cities Campus); Final Project Review 鈥 AHC Renovation and Relocation Program (Twin Cities Campus). 
Finance: Quarterly Purchasing Report; Quarterly Asset Management Report; Six-Month Management Report 鈥 Unaudited; Quarterly Investment Advisory Committee Update; Central Reserves Update.

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