May 2018 Board of 原味视频Meeting

May 10-11

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Agenda: May 2018 (PDF)

Thursday, May聽10, 2018聽

7:45 鈥 10:45 a.m. Sixth Floor, Boardroom聽
Mission Fulfillment Committee
Regent Omari, Chair聽
  1. Student Health and Wellness Programs 鈥 G. Christenson/S. Olson-Loy
  2. Annual Promotion and Tenure Recommendations 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 K. Hanson/R. Ropers-Huilman
  3. Annual Continuous Appointment Recommendations 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 K. Hanson/R. Ropers-Huilman
  4. 21st Century Outreach Mission, Part III: A Vision for the University's Outreach Mission 鈥 K. Hanson/A. Levine/M. Kramer
  5. Board of 原味视频Policy:聽Equity, Diversity, Equal Opportunity, and Affirmative Action聽- Review 鈥 T. Marisam聽
  6. Board of 原味视频Policy:聽International Education and Engagement聽鈥 Review 鈥 M. McQuaid
  7. Consent Report 鈥 K. Hanson
  8. Information Items 鈥 K. Hanson
11:00 a.m. 鈥 12:30 p.m. Sixth Floor, West Committee Room
Audit & Compliance Committee
Regent Cohen, Chair/Regent Powell, Vice Chair
  1. Review of External Auditor Relationship and Services Provided 鈥 S. Paulson
  2. External Audit Plan 鈥 S. Paulson/K. Knudtson/J. Dockendorf
  3. Institutional Risk Profile, Part V: Mitigation Plans 鈥 K. Hanson/B. Burnett聽
  4. Compliance Initiatives 鈥 B. Kumher聽
  5. Information Items 鈥 G. Klatt
11:00 a.m. 鈥 12:30 p.m. Sixth Floor, East Committee Room
Litigation Review Committee
Regent Beeson, Chair/Regent Johnson, Vice Chair
  1. Resolution to Conduct Non-Public Meeting of the Litigation Review Committee to Discuss Attorney-Client Privileged Matters 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 D. Peterson
12:30 鈥 1:30 p.m. Board of 原味视频Lunch
1:30 鈥 4:45 p.m. Sixth Floor, Boardroom
Finance & Operations Committee
Regent Anderson, Chair/Regent Johnson, Vice Chair

15 min break to be taken at call of the Chair

  1. President鈥檚 Recommended FY 2019 Annual Operating Budget 鈥 Review 鈥 E. Kaler/B. Burnett/J. Tonneson/K. Hanson/G. Jenkins
  2. President鈥檚 Recommended FY 2019 Annual Capital Improvement Budget 鈥 Review 鈥 E. Kaler/B. Burnett/M. Berthelsen
  3. Board of 原味视频Policy:聽Endowment Fund聽鈥 Action 鈥 S. Mason/A. Parks
  4. Real Estate Transactions 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 M. Berthelsen/M. Volna
    A. Sale of 2642 University Avenue, St. Paul, Minnesota (Twin Cities Campus)
    B. Sale of 0.19 acres of isolated property located in the northwest corner of the University of Minnesota Morris
    C. Lease of 9,383 rentable square feet of collaborative classroom and laboratory space located within the Destination Medical Center, Rochester, Minnesota (Rochester campus)
  5. Real Estate Transactions 鈥 Review 鈥 M. Berthelsen/M. Volna
    A. Amendment to University Square Lease, 111 South Broadway, Rochester, Minnesota (Rochester campus)聽
    B. Relocation of Sand Plain Research Farm and New 30 Year Lease, Becker, Minnesota聽 聽 聽
    C. Sale of 435.546 acres of UMore Park for residential, commercial, and mixed-use development, Dakota County, Minnesota
  6. Collective Bargaining Agreement: District Council No. 1 of the Graphic Communications Conference of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters, Local 1-B - Review/Action - K. Brown
  7. Consent Report 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 B. Burnett
  8. Information Items 鈥 B. Burnett
6:00 p.m. Dinner with Newly Tenured Faculty 鈥 Eastcliff

Friday, May聽11, 2018

8:15 鈥 9:00 a.m. Reception to Honor Award Recipients 鈥 Sixth Floor Lobby
9:00 a.m. 鈥 12:00 p.m. Sixth Floor, Boardroom
Board of 原味视频Meeting
Regent McMillan, Chair/Regent Powell, Vice Chair
  1. Recognitions 鈥 E. Kaler/K. Hanson聽
    A. Distinguished McKnight University Professor Awards
    B. McKnight Land-Grant Professors聽
    C. McKnight Presidential Fellows
    D. Academy Members and Other Major Faculty Awards
    E. Academy of Distinguished Teachers
    i. Horace T. Morse-University of Minnesota Alumni Association Award for Outstanding Contributions to Undergraduate Education聽
    ii. Award for Outstanding Contributions to Graduate & Professional Education聽
    F. John Tate Award for Excellence in Undergraduate Advising聽
    G. Outstanding Community Service Award聽
    H. Community-Engaged Scholar Awards聽
    I. President鈥檚 Award for Outstanding Service聽
    J. National Scholarship Recipients聽
    K. NCAA Champions聽
  2. Approval of Minutes 鈥 Action 鈥 D. McMillan
  3. Report of the President 鈥 E. Kaler
  4. Report of the Chair 鈥 D. McMillan
  5. Consent Report 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 D. McMillan聽
    A. Gifts
  6. Systemwide Strategic Plan: Medicine & Health 鈥 E. Kaler/J. Tolar聽
  7. M Health 鈥 TBD聽
  8. Report of the Committees聽
  9. Old Business
  10. New Business
  11. Adjournment

Committee Consent Reports:聽

Finance & Operations:聽Central Reserves General Contingency Allocations; Purchase of Goods and Services $1,000,000 and Over; Contract for Commercial Paper Dealer; Amendments to the Civil Service Rules; Employment Agreements: Amendment to Employment Agreement 鈥 Head Men鈥檚 Basketball Coach (Twin Cities campus); Schematic Designs: Field House Exterior Envelope (Twin Cities campus), Plant Growth Research Facility (Twin Cities campus).
Mission Fulfillment:聽Academic Program Changes.

Committee Information Items:聽

Audit & Compliance:聽Engagements Less Than $100,000 Requiring After-the-Fact Reporting; Institutional Compliance Officer Semi-Annual Report.
Finance & Operations:聽Annual Investment Performance: Peer Comparisons; Investment Advisory聽 Committee Update (February meeting); Overview of St. Paul Strategic Facilities Plan; Quarterly Asset Management Report; Semi-Annual Management Report.聽聽
Mission Fulfillment: Student, Faculty, and Staff Activities and Awards.

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Finance & Operations Committee

Litigation Review Committee

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