October 2015 Board of 原味视频Meeting

Oct. 8-9

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Agenda: October 2015 (PDF)

Thursday, October 8, 2015

8:00 鈥 9:30 a.m. Sixth Floor, East Committee Room
Governance & Policy Committee
Regent Cohen, Chair/Regent Johnson Vice Chair
  1. 2015-16 Committee Work Plan 鈥 L. Cohen/B. Steeves
  2. Habits of Highly Effective Boards 鈥 L. Cohen/B. Steeves
  3. Board Policy Review Process 鈥 J. Langworthy
  4. Board of 原味视频Policy:聽American Indian Advisory Boards聽鈥 Review 鈥撀燢. Albert/T. Johnson
  5. Board of 原味视频Policy:聽Namings聽鈥 Review 鈥 A. Phenix
9:45 鈥 11:45 a.m.聽 Sixth Floor, West Committee Room
Facilities, Planning & Operations Committee
Regent McMillan, Chair/Regent Devine, Vice Chair
  1. Schematic Design 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 P.Wheelock/S. Smith/L. Black/B. Goetz
  2. Chemical and Advanced Materials Sciences (Duluth Campus)
  3. Athletes Village (Twin Cities Campus)
    1. Capital Budget Amendments 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 P. Wheelock/S. Smith/L. Black/
      B. Goetz聽
    2. Athletes Village (Twin Cities Campus)
    3. Glensheen 鈥 Restoration of Tennis Court Garden Walls (Dutluth Campus)
    4. Siebert Field 鈥 Hitting Facility (Twin Cities Campus)
      1. Project Components of the 2015 Six-Year Capital Plan and the 2016 State Capital Request 鈥 Action 鈥 P. Wheelock
      2. Ensuring a Safe University: Public Safety Update 鈥 M. Clark
      3. Long-Range Facility Planning Part 2: Assumptions and Criteria to Guide Future Six-Year Capital Planning 鈥 D. McMillan/P. Wheelock聽
      4. Information Items
9:45 鈥 11:45 a.m.聽 Sixth Floor, East Committee Room
Faculty & Staff Affairs Committee
Regent Simmons, Chair/Regent Hsu, Vice Chair
  1. Shaping Academic Department Culture 鈥 K. Brown/K. Hanson/C.D. Frisbie/M. Luciana
  2. Strategic Imperative: Attracting and Retaining Field Shapers 鈥 K. Brown/K. Hanson
  3. Enhancing Human Resource Work Across the Enterprise 鈥 K. Brown
  4. Information Items
12:00 鈥 1:15 p.m. Lunch with ROTC Cadets and Unit Heads 鈥 Beacon Room,
University Recreation and Wellness Center
1:30 鈥 3:30 p.m. Sixth Floor, East Committee Room
Academic & Student Affairs Committee
Regent Cohen, Chair/Regent Rosha, Vice Chair
  1. University Enrollment Management 鈥 K. Hanson/R. McMaster/L. Carrell/P. Phaiah 聽聽聽
  2. University Tuition & Financial Aid Management 鈥 K. Hanson/R. McMaster/A. Schokker/B. Herrmann
  3. Consent Report 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 K. Hanson
1:30 鈥 3:30 p.m. 聽Sixth Floor, West Committee Room
Finance Committee
Regent Beeson, Chair/Regent Omari, Vice Chair
  1. Financial Components of the President鈥檚 Recommended 2015 Six-Year Capital Plan, 2016 State Capital Request, and Debt Capacity Update 鈥 Action 鈥 R. Pfutzenreuter
  2. Administrative Cost Benchmarking/Reallocation Primer 鈥 R. Pfutzenreuter/J. Tonneson/L. Kallsen
  3. GASB 68: GASB's New Standards on Accounting and Financial Reporting for Pensions 鈥 R. Pfutzenreuter/M. Volna
  4. Operational Excellence Initiative: Travel 鈥 R. Pfutzenreuter/M. Volna
  5. Legal Settlements Spending Plan 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 R. Pfutzenreuter
  6. Consent Report 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 R. Pfutzenreuter
  7. Information Items
3:45 鈥 5:15 p.m. 聽Sixth Floor, West Committee Room
Board of 原味视频Work Session
Regent Johnson, Chair/Regent McMillan, Vice Chair
  1. Principles and Objectives to Govern Enrollment Management Through 2025 鈥 E. Kaler/K. Hanson/R. McMaster

Friday, October 9, 2015

7:30 鈥 8:15 a.m.聽 Breakfast Meeting 鈥 Gateway Room
8:30 a.m. 鈥 12:00 p.m. Sixth Floor, Boardroom
Board of 原味视频Meeting
Regent Johnson, Chair/Regent McMillan, Vice Chair
  1. Approval of Minutes 鈥 Action 鈥 D. Johnson
  2. Report of the President 鈥 E. Kaler
  3. Report of the Chair 鈥 D. Johnson
  4. Consent Report 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 D. Johnson
    1. Gifts
    2. Appointments to University of MN Foundation Board of Trustees
  5. University Progress Card 鈥 Action 鈥 E. Kaler/L. Kallsen
  6. President鈥檚 Recommended 2015 Six-Year Capital Plan 鈥 Action 鈥 E. Kaler/R. Pfutzenreuter/P. Wheelock
  7. President鈥檚 Recommended 2016 State Capital Request 鈥 Action 鈥 聽E. Kaler/R. Pfutzenreuter/P. Wheelock
  8. Update on UMTC Strategic Plan Implementation 鈥 E. Kaler/K. Hanson
  9. Primer on Minnesota Open Meeting Law 鈥 W. Donohue/T. Smith
  10. M-Health Letter of Intent 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 E. Kaler/B. Jackson/B. Daniels
  11. Cost Drivers at the University 鈥 E. Kaler/R. Pfutzenreuter/J. Tonneson
  12. Report of the Committees
  13. Old Business
  14. New Business
  15. Adjournment

Committee Consent Reports:聽

Academic & Student Affairs: Request for Approval of New Academic Programs; Request for Approval of Changed Academic Programs;聽Finance: Central Reserves General Contingency Allocations, Purchase of Goods and Services $1,000,000 and Over

Committee Information Items:聽

Facilities, Planning & Operations: Final Projects Review: Athletes Village (Twin Cities Campus), Bee Discovery and Pollinator Center (Landscape Arboretum), Bee Research Lab (Twin Cities Campus), Mechanical Engineering Lab Renovations (Twin Cities Campus);聽Faculty & Staff Affairs: Update on Noteworthy Items, Administrative Actions, and Policy Issues;聽Finance: Quarterly Investment Advisory Committee Update; Debt Management Advisory Committee Update

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