Invitations & Appearances

One of the ways members of the Board of 原味视频serve the University of Minnesota is by representing the Board at a wide variety of events. 原味视频confer degrees at commencement, make remarks, present awards and honors, and take part in groundbreakings and building dedications.

Requesting Formal Appearance by a Regent

To request a Regent for your event, complete the Regent Appearance Request form. This form gathers details of your event and allows you to request a specific Regent or to have one selected for you. The Office of the Board of 原味视频responds to each request to confirm whether a Regent will be able to participate. The office also coordinates event details on behalf of the Regent, including the preparation of remarks or presentations.

Regent Appearance Request Form

Inviting the Board to an Event

The Office of the Board of 原味视频makes it easy to invite the Board to your event. Send a single electronic invitation of your event to Electronic invitations are preferred; please email us if you wish to deliver a printed invitation. OBR will ensure that the Board is aware of your event, manage RSVPs, and assist you in event protocol. It is standard practice to copy Brian Steeves, executive director and corporate secretary, on all invitations. His email is

For event name tags, please use the format: 鈥淩egent [First Name] [Last Name].鈥