October 2023 Board of 原味视频Meeting

Oct. 12-13

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Agenda: October 2023 (PDF)


8:00 a.m. Sixth Floor, Boardroom
Audit & Compliance Committee 
Regent Farnsworth, Chair/Regent Gulley, Vice Chair

1.    Overview of Annual Financial Statements Review 鈥 M. Viola/M. Volna
2.    Safety Training Process Updates 鈥 K. Bonneson
3.    Amendments to the Office of Internal Audit Charter 鈥 Action 鈥 Q. Gaalswyk
4.    Internal Audit Update 鈥 Q. Gaalswyk
5.    Information Items 鈥 Q. Gaalswyk

8:00 a.m. Sixth Floor, West Committee Room
Special Committee on Academic Health 
Regent Wheeler, Chair/Regent R. Johnson, Vice Chair

1.    2023-24 Committee Work Plan 鈥 P. Wheeler/J. Tolar
2.    Academic Affiliation Agreement with CentraCare 鈥 Action 鈥 J. Tolar/H. Holmen
3.    Overview of M Health Fairview 鈥 J. Tolar/TBD
4.    Update on the Governor鈥檚 Task Force on Academic Health at the University 鈥 J. Tolar/M. Frans

9:30 a.m. Sixth Floor, Boardroom
Mission Fulfillment Committee
Regent R. Johnson, Chair/Regent Kenyanya, Vice Chair
15 min break to be taken at call of the Chair

1.    Sustainable Development Goals Briefing 鈥 R. Croson/S. Stennes/K. Pelican
2.    Potential Realignment of Board of 原味视频Policy: Tuition and Fees and Board of 原味视频Policy: Student Services Fees 鈥 R. Croson/C. Phillips/J. Tonneson
3.    Board of 原味视频Policy: Equity, Diversity, Equal Opportunity, and Affirmative Action 鈥 Review 鈥 T. Marisam
4.    Board of 原味视频Policy: Student Education Records 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 C. Ryan Gallia/S. Tidball
5.    Consent Report 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 R. Croson
6.    Information Items 鈥 R. Croson

1:30 p.m. Sixth Floor, Boardroom
Finance & Operations Committee
Regent Huebsch, Chair/Regent Wheeler, Vice Chair
15 min break to be taken at call of the Chair

1.    Interim President鈥檚 Recommended 2023 Six-Year Capital Plan and 2024 State Capital Request 鈥 Action 鈥 J. Ettinger/M. Frans/A. Roberts-Davis
2.    Interim President's Recommended Supplemental FY 2025 State Budget Request 鈥 Action 鈥 J. Ettinger/M. Frans/J. Tonneson
3.    Duluth Campus Plan 鈥 Action 鈥 D. McMillan/M. MacKenzie
4.    University Job Structures: Past, Present & Future 鈥 K. Horstman/M. Rohman Kuhl
5.    Consent Report 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 M. Frans 
6.    Information Items 鈥 M. Frans


8:30 a.m. Sixth Floor, Boardroom
Governance & Policy Committee
Regent Verhalen, Chair/Regent Mayeron, Vice Chair

1.    Overview of Board of 原味视频Policy: Reservation and Delegation of Authority 鈥 B. Steeves/J. Langworthy
2.    Board Committee Structure: Committee Portfolios 鈥 B. Steeves/ J. Langworthy

8:30 a.m. Sixth Floor, West Committee Room
Special Committee on University Relations
Regent Thao-Urabe, Chair/Regent Gulley, Vice Chair

1.    2023-24 Committee Work Plan 鈥 B. Thao-Urabe/C. Tombarge
2.    Vision for Government and Community Relations at the University 鈥 M. L贸pez Franzen 
3.    Legislative Process for Supplemental FY 2025 State Budget and 2024 State Capital Requests 鈥 M. L贸pez Franzen

Approximately 15 min Following Adjournment of the Governance & Policy Committee and the Special Committee on University Relations
Sixth Floor, Boardroom
Board of 原味视频Meeting 
Regent Mayeron, Chair/Regent Huebsch & Regent Kenyanya, Co-Vice Chairs

1.    Recognitions 鈥 J. Mayeron/J. Ettinger
       A.    原味视频Professors
2.    Approval of Minutes 鈥 Action 鈥 J. Mayeron
3.    Report of the Interim President 鈥 J. Ettinger
4.    Report of the Chair 鈥 J. Mayeron
5.    Receive & File Reports 鈥 J. Mayeron 
       A.    Virtual Forum Comments
       B.    Summary of Expenditures for the Office of the President, Eastcliff, and the Office of the Board of Regents
       C.    Annual Report on Legal Matters
6.    Consent Report 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 J. Mayeron
       A.    Gifts
       B.    Nominations to the University of Minnesota Foundation Board of Trustees
7.    Appoint and Charge Presidential Search Advisory Committee 鈥 Review/Action 鈥 J. Mayeron
8.    Key Presidential Leadership Characteristics 鈥 B. Steeves/J. King/C. Pendleton/M. Rose
9.    DEI Systemwide Initiatives for 2023-24 鈥 M. Ram铆rez Fern谩ndez/K. Varma
10.    Reports of Committees 
        A.    Standing Committees 
        B.    Special Committees
11.    Old Business
12.    New Business
13.    Resolution to Conduct Non-Public Meeting of the Board of 原味视频to Discuss Attorney-Client Privileged Matters - Review/Action 鈥 J. Mayeron
14.    Adjournment

Committee Consent Reports: 

Finance & Operations: Purchase of Goods and Services $1,000,000 and Over; Capital Budget Amendments; Employment Agreements; Real Estate Transactions; Schematic Designs.
Mission Fulfillment: Academic Program Changes; Conferral of Tenure.

Committee Information Items: 

Audit & Compliance Committee: Engagement Less Than $100,000 Requiring After-the-Fact Reporting.
Mission Fulfillment: University, Student, Faculty, and Staff Activities and Awards.
Finance & Operations: Central Reserves General Contingency Allocations; Annual Asset Management Report; Investment Advisory Committee Update.

Non-Public Social Events

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Materials and videos

Board of 原味视频Meeting

Audit & Compliance Committee

Finance & Operations Committee

Governance & Policy Committee

Mission Fulfillment Committee

Special Committee on Academic Health

Special Committee on University Relations